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A letter from 10 years ago, an intricate web of lies to unravel and a mystery to solve. Explore an unconventional town of pirates, dive into the past, collect items and look for clues to help Willy find out what happened to his father...
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About Willy Morgan
Willy Morgan is a third-person adventure game, set in a fantasy pirate-themed world with a modern touch.
Willy Morgan
Features of The Game
Explore without constraint, collect items and solve brilliant puzzles. A fanciful deformed world with a magical atmosphere. Cinematographic cutscenes and over 50 locations to see. Learn about the story through several hours of interactive dialogues packed with irony and easter eggs.
Trailers & Medias
Willy Morgan and the curse of Bone Town is available on several platforms and is translated into several languages. Choose your preferred platform and download the game. Help Willy find out what happened to his father!
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