Shattered Heaven

About Shattered Heaven

Shattered Heaven: an intense adventure that will leave you breathless.

The new game from the producers of ”Dry Drowning” and ”Daymare: 1194” combines card game and roguelike elements in a single-player RPG experience, featuring dungeon crawling and a story that changes based on player choices.


What makes Shattered Heaven stand out from other games in the genre?

Its dynamic deckbuilding system allows players to build their starting decks as they wish and customize them during each run, creating new strategies and experiences every time. Furthermore, the tactical RPG combat against epic monsters inside procedurally generated dungeons offers an intense and engaging gameplay experience.

The game also features a deep crafting system where players can use treasures and recipes found in dungeons to create and upgrade potions, weapons, and amulets. They can also choose the difficulty and a special effect that changes with every dungeon start, earning black bones used to improve characters at the Dark Forge.

All of this is presented in a unique 2D graphic style, with a dark fantasy design, which is also accompanied by an epic soundtrack featuring opera singers. The game’s setting has a Lovecraftian flavor that will captivate the player’s attention from the first image.

But the real beauty of Shattered Heaven can be found in its story. In a nameless world, only a few survive the fall of God, living in a hostile environment and subsisting on what their barren land offers. Four factions are forced to fight for survival, victims of a terrible curse that condemns them to sleepless nights, infertility, and death at the age of 40. The only way to break the curse is to offer a Vestal and a team of valiant warriors in the War of Rise, a bloody and cruel battle. The narrative will be shaped by the player’s choices, influencing the destiny of the characters and the world.

An intense and engaging adventure that offers great replayability thanks to procedurally generated dungeons and a narrative that adapts to player choices. The game is available on Steam, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try. Try the free demo, add it to your wishlist and get ready for an experience that will blow your mind.


The game features a unique 2d cartoon style, with dark fantasy and Lovecraftian flavor, and an epic soundtrack with opera singers.

  • Dynamic Deckbuilding – Build your starting decks (three of them, one for each of your heroes) as you wish and customize them by drafting new ones during each run, for an ever different experience.
  • Tactical RPG Fights – Slay epic monsters in procedurally generated dungeons and loot valuable treasures! Improve your equipment and enhance your strategy thanks to a deep Skill tree system.
  • Innovative Crafting system – Use treasures and recipes you find inside the dungeons to create and upgrade potions, weapons, and amulets.
  • Pick your poison – Choose a difficulty and a special effect that changes every time at the start of each dungeon and earn black bones used to improve characters at the dark forge.
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