Daymare 1994: Sandcastle
A third-person story-driven survival horror game prequel to the critically acclaimed Daymare: 1998.
Hell Architect
A game about building and managing your own hell. Become a hell manager and develop the underworld. Make Lucifer himself fall off his chair.
Dry Drowning
Dry Drowning challenges the player to find the truth, going through ambiguous characters, riddles, clues and unexpected events, while telling an extremely compelling and mature story.
Willy Morgan
Explore an unconventional town of pirates, investigate the past, collect items and look for clues to help Willy find out what happened to his father.
Blog & News
Leonardo Interactive officially announces Temperia: Soul of Majestic
The publisher Leonardo Interactive and the developer Moonwolf Entertainment officially announce Temperia: Soul of Majestic, the first card-game on the international market with an innovative “Open-Handed” mechanic. The particular style of play, totally open cards, the use of two decks, one consisting of 20 Creatures and the other of 20 Equipment are details that make...
Time to Get Creative as Dark Humoured Survival-Sim Hell Architect launches on PC via Steam and GOG Today 
Welcome to Hell. It’s hot, noisy and it’s looking a little run down. It’s time for a makeover and YOU are the best person for the job! It’s time to unleash your creative side as the highly anticipated, dark humoured and gore filled survival sim Hell Architect launches today for PC via Steam and GOG....
Leonardo Interactive’s Sci-Fi Puzzle Platformer Seed of Life Out Today for PC
Publisher Leonardo Interactive and developer Madlight Studio are pleased to announce that the futuristic, third-person, sci-fi puzzle platformer, Seed of Life is out today on PC via Steam for £19.49/ €22.99/$24.99 and will be available with a 20% launch discount for a limited time. Embark on an epic adventure as you take on the role...
Focus of the Day Dry Drowning to Nintendo Switch!
By following the story of Mordred Foley, unscrupulous private detective haunted by his dark past, the player will be immersed into a series of macabre serial killings.
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